Views of the Government Directory

There are Different Views in the Directory???

The Government Directory Service has 3 main views; the Agency view, the Whole of Government view and the Public view.

This allows each Agency, when populating the Directory, to vary the information that is available depending on where the view request comes from.

For example, some Agencies display mobile phone numbers in their Agency view, but not in the Whole of Government or  Public views.

The view that you receive is automatically determined by the IP address of your PC.  Each Agency registers their allocated IP range with TMD and staff within that range will automatically receive the Agency view.

In some special cases there are restricted views that require a user name and password.  In general most people will not require this, however if you believe this is necessary for you, please contact your Agency GDS Administrator to discuss.

How Do I Tell if I'm Getting the Correct View?

In the lower left hand corner of the front page of the Directory, there is a toolbar.

If you are using the Directory from your PC at work, then the text in the () should read (your Agency name/acronym Agency).  This allows you to receive your Agency view and the Whole of Government view of other Agencies.  

If the text reads (Public) then you should contact your Agency IT Section or your GDS Administrator.

Who Has an Agency View?

Only Agencies who have moved into the Production environment of the GDS will have an Agency view.   These Agencies are:

Other Agencies may still be in the development stage of providing information to the Directory and as such will not have an active Agency view.  Staff from these Agencies will receive the Public view.

What Happens if I'm Getting the Wrong View?

For some simple steps that may solve your problem go to the FAQ page or alternatively contact your Agency IT section or your GDS Administrator for assistance.